VI Peel®

The VI Peel® is a medium depth peel with a booster system.  Unique from other facial peels, the VI Peel® nurtures the skin with vitamins and minerals during the exfoliation process and is proven to be one of the safest and most effective peels for melasma, stubborn hyperpigmentation, fine lines/wrinkles, and acne prone skin.  It corrects skin problems at the cellular level to improve skin tone, texture, and clarity with no skin prep and minimal downtime. 

All skin types can be safely treated with the VI Peel®. With this innovative formulation, African-American, Asian, and Latin skin tones can benefit from the anti-aging and restorative skin care not previously available for these darker skin types. 


What to expect for the VI Peel® application:

Day 1:  Application Day

After the VI Peel® is applied, you will have a “sun kissed” glow.  Today is a great day to get all your chores completed, i.e. grocery store, before your skin starts to peel on days three (3) through five (5).  Be sure to wear a hat and sunscreen, avoiding direct sun exposure.  Please be sure to follow the instructions provided in the post peel kit for optimal results.

Day 2:  Tight Face but Looking Just Fine!

The skin will feel dry and tight, but the peeling process will likely not have begun yet.  It is very important that you are following post peel skin care instructions.

Day 3:  Starting to Peel

You will likely start to peel today.  The peeling process starts around the mouth and nose area.  Do not pick at your skin!  You may use a pair of mini scissors to help cut off the peeled skin but be very careful!

Day 4:  Happy Peeling!

This day you will more than likely be peeling heavily, especially around the mouth and nose area.  Make sure to apply the Post Peel Protectant at least three (3) times a day.

Day 5:  Still Peeling, but Totally Manageable

The peeling process is starting to subside and is less noticeable in places like your outward cheeks and forehead.  Make sure you are wearing a hat and sunscreen when going outside.  Reapply sunscreen after two (2) hours.

Day 6:  Peeling is Almost Done

There is a little peeling left around the hairline and forehead.  If the neck and/or chest was treated, this may start to peel.  Continue with your skin care regime, drink lots of water.  Your skin will feel dry and dehydrated for a week following the peel.

Day 7:  You Look Gorgeous!

Today your skin is going to glow!  Be sure to wear your sunscreen and reapply.  Prolong your results with a diligent home care regime and a daily sunscreen to prevent future damage.

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